About Us

Jamhuriat.pk is published and managed by an independent team (IRT) of Researchers, Analysts, Policy makers and Subject Matter Experts with professional commitment to identifying key social and political issues and suggesting solutions through the engagement of public voice of Pakistan.

Our goal is to take the public voice of citizens of Pakistan and amplify in the Public Policy sphere.

Jamhuriat.pk is the go to website for surveys and research articles focused entirely on unique challenges and opportunities in the landscape of Pakistan and its provinces.

Contacts Jamhuriat.pk:Support@jamhuriat.pk

IRT Team Members:

Adil Ansari:Media Communication Head

Shahbaz Khan:Researchers Head

Adnan Rehman:Analysts Head

Asim Khan:Overseas Head

Dr. Seema Arif:Communication & Women Head

Faisal Hameed:Coordination Head

Noor Khan:Judicial and Education Head

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